Durable Boiler Valves

Durable Boiler Valves in Canada

Everlasting Valve Company Limited is proud to manufacture and distribute high-performance boiler valves in Ontario, Canada. Additionally, we distribute valves and valve accessories from other well-known, trusted suppliers such as Tasco and Babbitt. Make us your source for strong boiler valves that are built to last.

Our Everlasting™ boiler blow-off valves are available up to ANSI Class 600, with either an iron or steel body. These valves can be quick or slow opening, with either duplex or uni-tandem design, and with threaded, flanged, or socket-weld ends.

To request an estimate on boiler blow-off or blowdown valves, visit our Quote page. We are also happy to send you a current copy of our updated selection guide.

Tasco "Flocontrol" Continuous Blowdown Valves

Tasco "Flocontrol" Continuous Blowdown ValvesTasco Continuous Blowdown Valves are a combination valve and flow control instrument, with a special micrometer dial and pointer. This feature allows the operator to set the valve opening to within one-hundredth of a turn of the hand wheel.

These valves come in ANSI 150, 200, and 300 lb ratings, for control of air, steam, water, and boiler blowdown. The valve sizes range between 1/4" to 2", and the boiler blowdown valve is available in both globe and angle configurations.

These bronze-bodied valves have an outstanding record of low maintenance cost due to their super-hard stainless steel discs and seats, which cannot wire draw or steam cut.

Contact us for more information about our boiler valves. We proudly serve customers nationwide from our factory in Ontario, Canada.